FACD is dedicated to advancing the art and science of cosmetic dentistry for our members and their patients in the state of Florida. Our vision is to create intentional opportunities to build relationships while mastering the craft of cosmetic dentistry.




The Annual Membership has two options:

1. An initial fee of $1464, which includes the Seminar cost and first month of Spear Online; thereafter, Spear Online is only $169 per month

SAVE $1,120 - Seminar Pricing is $1,695 each and Spear Online is $229 per month (11 months with one free)

2. An end of the year “tax benefit” one-time pricing of $1895 for a year of access to Spear Online only

SAVE $853 a year - Full Price is $2,748 ($229 per month)

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1) Improving Case Presentation/Acceptance

Great patient communication is the key to building strong relationships that foster better patient understanding and increased case acceptance. In our Curriculum, we will provide learners with a system for effective patient communication and impactful case presentation, and demonstrate how it works in a live office setting. Additionally, we will share what we have learned through our research on patient communication, and how the learner can apply this insight to achieve co-discovery in treatment planning. We have also included a series of courses demonstrating how the dental team can best address challenging patient conversations when they occur.

2) Expanding Clinical Services offered by Docs and Hygienists

This is done on a consultative approach. The membership includes a Member Success Advisor that takes on situations as they arise, including “enigma patients” so that the doctors and staff can grow and tackle new and challenging cases. They would assign and research courses as need by the doctor and staff.  In summary, they personalize the course material to help you get the best benefit, and achieve your goals in an expediential manner.

3) Earning CE credits

The Dr and staff will have access to over 400 courses; the vast majority of which provide CE credits. We are partnered with AGD and send any CE certificates accumulated through Spear Online directly to them every 30 days. They are also available for Download at any time.

4) Helping with in office systems for a consistent patient experience

The Team meeting curriculum will help your team to more effectively articulate the clinical values of your practice. It will help the staff own the vision for the practice and effectively communicate that vision to patients.  After completing this curriculum, your team will:

    • Be better able to help patients value the care your office provides

    • Learn proven methods at each step of the patient journey to communicate values

    • Be better able to differentiate your practice from other options

5) Job manuals for each position in the practice

This Dental Assistant’s curriculum is designed to introduce assistants to the concepts of health-centered dentistry and comprehensive care in order to help make them familiar with the values that set you apart as a dental practice dedicated to optimal patient care.  35 courses

The Hygienist is on the front line, so this Curriculum will help them with promoting the overall dental health of your patients and helping to identify those who could benefit from comprehensive care. This will be a deep look into Occlusion, Comprehensive Oral Exams, and Creating Positive Patient Experiences. 28 courses

The front office is the glue that keeps the business side of the dental practice together, functioning and growing.  Because they are always faced with questions from patients, their curriculum will take shallow dives into Dental Philosophies, as well as Restorative options for patients. The deep dives will be focused on Patient expectations, communicating the practices unique identity, improving patient flow, and scheduling for practice growth.  24 courses