Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz

Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz began working in the dental industry as a Dental Technician in 2002 after graduating from one of the only two year ADA accredited programs in California State. During the next 8 years he both worked and studied full time in Los Angeles, receiving a B.S. Biochemistry with Honors from California State University. He was recruited to Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he won the Leo Talkoy Award for excellence in clinical dentistry and his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, (DMD). Dr. Ortiz went on to become a Prosthodontist at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2017.
During his training he mastered the art and science of aesthetic and implant dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation and bone regeneration.

Today, Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz is pleased to treat patient daily at Lit Dental Esthetics & Implant Center  in Wayland, MA. This is a beautiful clinic Dr. Ortiz runs together with his wife Colleen Ortiz and an amazing team of highly trained Hygienists and Dental Assistants. His status as a surgically trained prosthodontist allows him to deliver high quality care in a wide range of treatments. Dr. Ortiz is a passionate advocate for
excellence in Prosthodontics, implant, cosmetics and reconstructive dentistry.

As a student Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz used his skills as a professional photographer to highlight his restorative work and share it with others on social media. He offered photography tutorials to his classmates and colleagues. He discovered a thirst in the industry for this type of knowledge. Online posts and stories were going out to hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, spreading to millions of dental professionals.

In the year 2017 Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz Dental Photography Courses were born. Sold-out courses in dozens of cities throughout North America and the world give attendees the most hands-on one-day course in existence. This success led to LIT, a book published by Quintessence in the summer of 2019.
His passion for teaching and advancing dental education led Dr. Ortiz to found The DentLit Academy, an organization dedicated to highlighting best practices where the art and science of dentistry intersect. The DentLit Academy is a place where evidence based dentistry truly flourishes, allowing users to find answers to common dental questions. We believe that you must always follow the DentLit, not the dentist.

Dr. Ortiz also leads several annual conferences and runs dental related courses all over the world. The Adhesive Reconstruction and Tooth Preparations Course has been repeatedly sold out a year in advance. Other courses include hands on experiences on occlusion, provisionalization, impression techniques, adhesive principles, dental materials, etc. He offers courses live as well as online.

Follow the DentLit, Not the Dentist…