August 9-11, 2018
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Welcome to Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

FACD is dedicated to advancing the art and science of cosmetic dentistry for our members and their patients in the state of Florida. Caring for your patients is your passion.. and giving you the necessary tools to be the best is our business. 

We are committed to being a comprehensive resource for dentists and technicians interested in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Please take a few minutes to browse the information you can find only at www.FlaCosmeticDentistry.orgIf you can't find what you're looking for, have a comment or suggestion, or need any other type of assistance, please let us know. Stay connected with FACD through Facebook!  Stay up to date with information regarding membership, the Annual Scientific Session & Trade Show, and have the ability to network with other FACD Members.



Welcome to Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Upcoming Meetings & Events

2018 FACD Annual Scientific Session & Trade Show
August 9th, 2018 to August 11th, 2018
Thursday, August 9, 2018
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Dr. Rick Ferguson, DMD

Course Title : In Office 3D Printed Implant Surgical Guides

With the advent of accurate low cost 3D printing technology, the in-office fabrication of dental implant surgical guides is now within the reach of most dentists. The cost for in-office guides can be as low as $20. The steps necessary to fabricate a prosthetically driven surgical guide are outlined and demonstrated. Selection of a 3D printer is discussed. Live 3D printing demonstrations are performed. In this hands-on workshop, all attendees perform the steps necessary to post process 3D printed surgical guides to ensure proper fit and accuracy. Use of various dental implant surgical guide techniques is discussed and tips are given to achieve maximum accuracy and implant placement success.

Bullet Points

  •  The datasets necessary for surgical guide fabrication and what equipment is necessary to acquire that data
  • ·If in office surgical fabrication is right for your practice
  • ·The importance of using surgical guides on most cases to avoid complications in implant placement
Friday, August 10, 2018 
Dr. Michael Tischler, DDS - Dentist/Technician Seminar

Course Title: The Full arch zirconia screw retained implant supported bridge: Treatment planning, surgery, and prosthetics



1. Treating planning for full arch implant dentistry- Review of options, rationalization for terminal dentition choices

2. Surgical aspects of full arch zirconia implant supported treatment- Alveoloplasty, surgical positions, soft tissue treatment

3. Prosthetic aspects to full arch zirconia implant treatment-Provisional delivery, impression taking, verification jigs


Brad Newman - Team Member Seminar

Course Title: Digital Marketing BUZZ for Your #Dental Practice


Learning Objective 1 - Maintain a social media conversation that is fresh, likeable and targeted for the right audience.
Learning Objective 2 - What type of social media content works best and how to encourage engagement through video, contests and targeted advertising.
Learning Objective 3 - Create a more dynamic and unique online presence, while improving page rank and conversion on Google.
Learning Objective 4 - Video optimization tips, advertising wisdom and production hacks that will ensure reach among your targeted demographics.

Saturday, August 11, 2018 
Dr. Ricardo Mitrani, DDS, MSD - Dentist/Technician Seminar

Course Title: Interdisciplinary Dynamics … a Comprehensive Approach to Implant Therapy in the Digital Era

Contemporary implant dentistry requires a careful diagnosis and treatment planning phase prior to the actual treatment. In order to obtain consistent and predictable results, surgeons, restoring dentists, orthodontists and dental technicians should work as a team.This course will describe all phases of treatment for those patients receiving osseointegrated implants in the aesthetics zone, from treatment planning phase to completion, emphasizing the importance of soft tissue management from the prosthetic end as well as fundamental laboratory communication tools.

The course will also cover different treatment protocols:

  1. Single tooth restoration and multiple implant restorations.
  2.  Immediate vs. delayed loading protocols
  3. Treating the terminal dentition and the fully edentulous Patient with osseointegrated implants.


Tija Hunter - Team Member Seminar

Course Title: "Rock Star" Dental Assistant!



  • Learn how to create value in yourself and help grow your practice
  • How dirty is your water? Dental Unit Waterline Contamination
  • Know your limits and the law
  • Take the ball, and have an amazing career

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FACD is dedicated to advancing the art and science of cosmetic dentistry for our members and their patients in the state of Florida. Caring for your patients is your passion... and giving you the necessary tools to be the best is our business.

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